Kevin Clark is a gifted draughtsman and avid graphic novel and movie enthusiast. He is a prolific creator of characters and story-lines. His ‘Hairy Jim and the Adventures of Underwear Guy’ became the main identity for the information fliers for the Newland Day procession in 2014 .

A while back Kevin struggled to find like-minded individuals to share his passion with. Fortunately at the time (2008) we were working with  Carmondean Libary for the Welfehd project. They put us in touch with the manager of Almondbank Library – a huge graphic novel fan. Conversations soon developed and Kevin became the chief instigator of a monthly graphic novel group at the library. The group met for more then six years. During this time they explored many different animation styles and genres, visited animation festivals and published a range of different ‘zines’. In the summer of 2014 to mark the culmination of six year’s work the group put on a very well received exhibition at the gallery in St John’s hospital in Livingston.

Kevin is always keen to find new ways to get his work into the public domain and talked about and used his experiences to move on to an on-line animation course which he recently he completed. Kevin is currently one of the inspirations behind the development  of The Foundry. A welcome break from the pen and paper slog of the animator.