Our partnership with West Lothian Angling Association (WLAA) goes back a long way. It all started by inviting them in and chatting about how we could explore our shared interest in fishing on the river Almond. What resulted was a series of fly tying sessions at Almondell Country Park and the publication of a booklet titled ‘Come Fly with Us’ in 2011. The  booklet is a step-by-step instruction to fly tying and fishing particularly on the River Almond.

Our partnership is still going strong today. We regularly join in with their fly tying sessions, and receive permits and tuition from them every year. Three of our most experienced and avid anglers are now working on a fishing inspired project, which at the heart of it has a casting game to develop essential fishing skills while having a bit of fun. The game is designed for young and old and has involved making a large scale fabric target and rod satchels made with the help of an experienced local seamstress. The ‘catching’ weights were made in association with the Broxburn Wood Craft Group , while a mobile trunk, housing all the elements associated with playing the casting game, has been designed with the help of furniture maker.

The game will be showcased at the Leylines exhibition at Almond Country Park in July 2017 and go on tour thereafter.