John Gordon is the main inspiration and source of expertise in our current investigations into bird watching in West Lothian and beyond. Birding for John goes back to his early adult years when he would go bird watching with his father. Over the years we have used his knowledge and amazing drawing skills to create bird logs and avian maps for bird watching in West Lothian.

John’s health has made him increasingly isolated over the years but getting outdoors and indulging in his passions has reignited his interest and a willingness to share his knowledge with others. John’s  artwork of embroidered patches, ceramic brooches, maps and original prints will be on show as part of the Leylines exhibition at Almondell Country Park in July 2017. Accompanying the exhibition will be an opportunity to participate in bird watching sessions devised by John, supported by the Countryside Rangers and through talks by expert birdwatchers from across Scotland.