Our work is about being around and getting into the heart of West Lothian community life. Occasionally an opportunity arises for our group to present work and ideas we have been working on for some time. Newlands Day in Bathgate is a yearly event where organisations and the community come together and take part in a procession through the town.

In 2014 we were ready to take part and brought the environmental themes at the core of our group that we had been exploring together as the focus for our artwork and designs.  Artist Francesca Nobillucci came on board supported us to design and create the traditional banners for the procession. Ceramicist Frances Priest worked with our best illustrators to create bespoke ceramic badges. Again, on cue, the drawing talents of Kevin Clark were called upon to create a series of amusing flyers advertising opportunities for angling, bird watching and beekeeping in West Lothian.

We like to base our studio ‘on location’ so at the time that was Boghall Parish Church Hall. We find that wherever we go our artistic endeavours attract attention. Chris Galbraith the local minister, community activist and one-time West Lothian mental health advocacy worker was so impressed with our work that invited us to put forward ideas for the green space around the church. This has now evolved into the Sanctuary project.