We see new people and interests coming into our project all the time. Recently Dyo Mackay of the Young Adults Service in West Lothian introduced us to the talents of Peter, Alex and Alice. They have brought some exciting new ideas into our work. Peter sings, plays in a band, makes films and is a local history expert. Alex is a graphics guy, while Alice is a film buff.

At the heart of the idea for The Foundry is a group of young people who struggle to find meaningful activity and a place to work that fulfils their creative ambitions. They are working together to on establish a creative hub where they can develop their ideas and hone their talents. Their creative industry has clear purpose. They want to use their talents to work on ideas and projects which are of direct benefit to social groups, community events and businesses in the area. Peter, Alice and Alex are already planning music, film and poster club nights for West Lothian.