Peter Johnstone, a guitarist and visual artist joined Artlink Leylines project in February 2017. He was the inspiration behind the Music for Mental Health event on 30th September 2

017 in Boghall, inviting bands he knows to play in the humble setting of Boghall so people don’t have to travel to the city centres to experience the best of Scotland’s emerging music scene.
The event was a huge success with music from Peter himself, Evelyn Anthony who sang with The Mad Rodents, IDkid and adullboy. It was a packed house with locals from the Boghall community and friends and family from far and wide. As Peter said ‘It acheived exactly what we set out to do..bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together’ Indeed it encouraged Peter to create a 4 track EP and music video for his recent single ‘Boghall Sky’ in 2018.
The Music for Mental Health gig gave us the confidence to challenge the idea that music events can happen locally and bring people together.

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